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Why Your Spiritual Guides Might Be Angels

When people from different religions, or ways of thinking, try to process miraculous things that have happened to them, they often believe that these events were the result of some type of spiritual intervention. In the Christian religions, these are often referenced as angelic encounters. For those that have a more New Age view of the world, they are considered to be spiritual guides. Regardless of the viewpoint, or the name that is attributed to the beings that may have helped out, these entities have existed in multiple cultures for thousands of years, lending credence to the possibility that they are real.

Are Angels Different Than Spiritual Guides?

Based upon the definitions of each of these unseen entities, there are some differences. For example, Angels are thought to be messengers, or those that are protectors, that actually follow people throughout their lives. They act as an intermediary according to some, voicing your prayers or thoughts to God. People that believe in spiritual guides, whether they are anthropomorphic or animals, think of the more as teachers than protectors. Despite this difference, these are still entities that exist in a world that we cannot see, a place that many people believe to be our point of origin. For those that believe in an afterlife, this is where we return after our death to this realm where the Angels and spirit guides dwell.

Are They One And The Same?

Based upon these definitions of Angels and spirit guides, they seem to play very similar roles. They are with us the entirety of our lives, offering help in subtle ways, and may actually be the reason that we miraculously survive near fatal incidents. Whenever we hear a voice in our minds telling us to do something, something that actually helps us in a large way, it may not be simple intuition. It may instead be a direct message from these guides that are following us and trying to help us grow and stay safe.

There will always be a linguistic difference between what some cultures call spiritual guides or Angels. The only way to connect the two is to consider what their role actually is. They seem to be the proverbial man behind the curtain, helping to orchestrate our lives and guide us in ways that are not really definable. If they are there, it is comforting to know that we are not alone, especially during the most troubling moments of our life.


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